Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen and Ballpoint, Limited Edition Amber Set


Choosing Keeping holds the largest range of Kaweco pens in the UK - indeed we have built a long-lasting friendship with the beloved Gutberlet family who run the company with so much brains and gusto. Kaweco is often mistaken for a Japanese brand - not so! - it is 100% German. Originally established in 1899 in Heidelberg (also home of Lamy), the company was eventually renamed Kaweco as its owners namesake, Henrich Koch and Rudolph Weber - KOch, WEber and COmpany. Here pictured, an advertisement from 1911 which declares, ‘stocked in every best stationery store’ - still the case! 

The Kaweco Dia 2 pays homage to one of the most classically shaped models in the extensive archive of Kaweco writing tools - a luxury edition named Dia because it is valuable and precious, like a diamond. The series was originally introduced in 1934, here pictured in an exhibition advertisement from 1939.

The limited edition Amber fountain pen and ballpoint are similarly advertised as a matching set, but are available for purchase separately with all the refinements of their historic counterparts, such as a ‘golden cap top and an ornamental cap ring’. Complete with solid brass clip and modern cartridge system, this writing tool is a beautiful reissue of a classic bestseller, available in richly textured, high quality acrylic. 

Fountain Pen
Body material: High quality heavyweight acrylic with gold-plated accents
Nib type: Medium
Nib material: Stainless steel chrome-plated nib, manufactured by Boch of Heidelberg
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Refill type: Takes standard small international cartridges; sold with one blue washable cartridge in the barrel. 
Dimensions: 13.5cm closed
Included: presentation box, one blue ink cartridge

Ballpoint Pen
Body material: High quality heavyweight acrylic with gold-plated accents
Mechanism: Twist
Refill type: Takes standard 'Parker Style' refills, sold with one blue refill in the barrel
Dimensions: 14.5cm
Included: presentation box, one medium width blue cartridge

Made in Germany

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