Brass Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen


First designed in 1934 by Heidelberg-based German company Kaweco, established 1883. The original colours were black and burgundy and made of an early plastic such as lucite and bakelite. This solid brass model is the heaviest of all Kaweco tools. The surface will age gracefully developing a unique and timeless patina. 

It is a very good option for people working in environments, like building sites for example, where indestructible and very hardwearing writing instruments are de rigeur.

Also a good option for those who enjoy a heavily weighted pen.

Slip-on clip is optional and can be purchased separately here

Cartridges available here

Capless push-button click mechanism
Takes standard D1 ballpoint cartridges available worldwide
Dimensions: 10.6 cm long, 1.4 cm diameter

Sold with one  blue cartridge, 
and packaged in a black tin box, here pictured.