Aluminium Raw Kaweco AL Sport Rollerball


A modern addition to the AL Sport range first designed in 1934 by Heidelberg-based German company Kaweco, establised 1883. The original colours were black and burgundy made in early types of plastics. 

This model is completely uncoated, so-called raw aluminium giving the pen a special tactility and cold metal feeling in hand (or warm after holding it) Usually indeed aluminium things are anodised in satin finish giving the surface an equal and unchanging appearance. This raw treatment on the contrary with scratch all over as you store it in your pocket alongside your  keys, other pens etc. The result will be a beautiful patina through time and use, completely personal to you.

Slip-on clip is optional and can be purchased 
separately here

Screw cap, beveled non slip cap

Takes standard "parker style" ballpoint or rollerball cartridges
Dimensions: closed, 10.5 cm, open 13.3 cm
Weight: 30g

Refills available here

Comes with a black medium water-based cartridge, 
and packaged in a black tin box, here pictured.