Japanese 1973 "Securities" Mitsubishi No. 460 Ballpoint pen


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We are pleased to be able to offer this favourite ballpoint pen of ours, from Japan, first produced in 1973, following the earlier 1965 No. 550 also from Mitsubishi. It does not look like much, but use it and most likely it will become a companion for years. It's difficult to explain, but seemingly inconsequential design elements, like the 0.7mm slim refill and the odd click mechanism make it just-right. 

It also comes with a cool, if mysterious story, namely that its name "Securities" suggests it was produced specially to be used in bank's brokerage departments by stockbrokers. Was it that pre-digital-era traders used fine paper (for which this thin pen is well adapted to)?  Unfortunately what makes this pen particularly suited to this professional activity is still somewhat lost on us. Possibly this is the charm of Japanese weirdness when it comes to the field of product design and why buying Japanese things is its own thrilling experience.

Sold in singles