Pentel 1972 B100 Felt Tip 7 Pen Set, 45 year Anniversary Special Edition


This year we celebrate 45 years since the launch of the classic and most loved B-100 or R50 as it is known in Europe, the world's first waterbased pen manufactured by Pentel in 1972. Oddly enough these are hot stamped 'Pentel France' for the location of the factory in Bry sur Marne, east of Paris - making Pentel the first Japanese company to produce goods in France - another mark of Pentel's innovative spirit. It is also the brand responsible for the first permanent marker, the first felt tip pen and the first ink-rollerball.

Here offered a very special edition 7 pen set only available in Japan - bar Choosing Keeping - celebrating the pen's birthday in 3 special colours and a set of unusual ink shades as well. In limited availability.  

dimensions: 13.8 cm
0.8mm tip, writes 0.4mm line
Water-based ink

Pen set includes 7 pens - ink colours match the caps: black, blue, red, green, orange, purple and brown