Sailor 1911 Ishikawa Kaga-nuri Fountain Pen


 Based in the city of Kaga, artist Isana Kobayashi has hand finished each of these full sized 1911 Sailor fountain pens. Their striking red and black stripe is created with the traditional technique of coating natural urushi lacquer over the ebony wood body.

Urushi lacquer, first used in Japan around 300BC, has traditionally been as a symbol for status and prosperity used in furniture and decorative objects by court nobles and the upper-classes to demonstrate their discerning taste. Japanese pen makers sought to apply this domestic specialty finish to fountain pens since the 1920s and it has remained a marker for quality ever since. Beyond its aesthetic merit, urushi lacquer acts as a protective casing because it is acid-free, alkaline-free, and resistant to both heat and water.  The process to layer the Urushi lacquer is time-consuming, and each pen crafted by named urushi artists can take up to 1 year to produce.

Body material: Urushi lacquer resin over ebony wood
Nib size: Medium
Nib material: 21k gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: Takes Sailor cartridges which can be found here
Dimensions: 12.7cm closed, 10.6cm without the cap, 15.24cm posted (please use posted with care as this may leave a ring mark where regular contact is made)
Included: An attractive wooden presentation box

Made in Japan