Luxury Zecchi 8 Watercolour Artist's Set - Edward Hopper and Georgia O'Keefe


Forget chemical dyes and and synthetic fillers - these watercolours are made according to methods dating back to the Renaissance by Florence-based mom n' pop shop Zecchi, famous amongst artists for their top quality supplies. Indeed, these vibrant colours are made using expensive pigments found in nature exclusively, such as minerals like lapis lazuli for example, mixed in with acacia honey and acacia resin, also known as gum arabic - for a truly artist-quality medium.

Choosing Keeping presents these paints in a case to match the materials - a hand lacquered Italian metal tin which also cleverly contains a water reservoir which is seemlessly integrated as a wrap-around the box. With a ring on the underside for a safe grip and the box lid as a mixing palette, unfold the container for water and this box is self contained with all you need for an al fresco painting session. A travel paintbrush is also included.

Watercolour has historically been used extensively by artists towards preliminary sketches for their ease and casual manner, versus oil paint for masterworks. A few artists have made watercolour their mainstay and the medium takes central stage in their practice. This includes Georgia O'Keefe (USA, 1887 - 1987) who favoured warm and bold tones for her landscapes, while Edward Hopper (USA, 1882 - 1967) opted for cold and neutral pigments to depict the crisp and windy landscape of New England and its architecture. 

We hope you will find working from these artists' colours an interesting starting point for your own colour exploration. Try the palette after Georgia O'Keefe for sensual, dramatic and strong colour schema, ideal for life drawing and loose drawing - or opt for the cool after Edward Hopper palette more suited for architectural drawing, cityscapes or the natural world where precision and subtlety is sought after.  

Each set includes a handcrafted lacquered watercolour box, 8 half pans of Zecchi paints according to the colour schemes pictured. The set also includes a gold-plated travel brush which folds onto itself into an easily stored implement. To complete the set consider a pad of paper, try our square cotton paper, or the more travel-sized "European tour" notebook.

Please choose your preferred colour palette from the dropdown menu above.

Swatches by Claire Fletcher (Georgia O'Keefe colours depicted in the sweet pea illustration)

Material: Honey-based watercolour paint
Included: 8 half pans of paint in lacquered box; brass travel paintbrush. 
Vegetarian: Yes
Vegan: No (contains honey as a binder)
Pictured here two marine landscapes and one architectural watercolour by Edward Hopper as follows:
Light at Two-Lights, Maine (1927) (Whitney Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA)
Coast Guard Station, Two-Lights, Maine (1927) (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA)
House by Squam River (1926) (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Maine, USA)

On the flip side these bold strong watercolours by Georgia O'Keefe:
Nude Series II (1917)
Canyon With Crows (1917) (The Burnett Foundation)
Roof with Snow (1916)

Images courtesy of Radius Books