Mochaware Ceramic Desk Bouquet Vase


Mochaware was first made in Staffordshire, England since the 1780s. Once regarded as utilitarian, common and cheap, this eccentric and colourful slipware decoration is making a comeback for its folklorish appeal. 

In 1852, Charles Dickens, visited the Copeland Pottery Works and described the process: “[…] those particular jugs and mugs were once set upon a lathe and put in motion, and how a man blew the brown colour (having a strong natural affinity with the material in that condition) on them from a blow pipe as they twirled ; and how his daughter, with a common brush, dropped blotches of blue upon them in the right places; tilting the blotches upside down, she made them run into rude images of trees, and there and end."


We are pleased to offer a small variation on our regular mochaware desk cups, perhaps to liven up one's desk with a small bouquet or to hold larger paintbrushes and utensils. 

Each vase is one of a kind, please select your preferred vase from the images here below (must be viewed from a laptop/iPad), and let us know the number byway of  the checkout notes or by email (

Small Vase: 14cm high - £165
Large Vase (only 1 available): 19cm high - £300
Material: Mochaware ceramic

Each Vase is sold separately.