Fantasy Christmas Handblown Glass Ornament Box


A very beloved customer inspired the idea of these Christmas "chocolate boxes" - a box of delights, where each element is individually wrapped for a treasure like experience and where packaging has an equally important part to play. Really this is an exercise in gifting - where the goal is to knock the socks off the giftee with surprise and amusement. 

With that in mind, and with a lot of love and passion for what we do, we have created these boxes, which we hope may be the perfect gift for someone special, someone hard to buy for, but who will surely find the assortment of glass ornaments irresistible. In a way, we wanted to create this box for our customers to take away and pass off as their own creation, to enjoy our gifting savoir fair, take the credit and truly impress someone in their entourage. 

It could also be a box of treats for a whole family, bringing all at once a heirloom collection of handblown ornaments to keep for many Christmas to come.

It may be also of interest, that out of concern for authenticity (tree decorating having been introduced to the world from Northern Europe and Germany broadly) that without exception all the ornaments here included are 100% made in the EU by hand. Your purchase of such ornaments contributes to keeping this charming cottage industry alive. Many designs are made from antique moulds that are often over 100 years old and the price reflects the quality and love with which they have been made. 

This gift is composed of an assortment of ornaments which will be each individually wrapped and contained in a handmade matching decorative box, which also is delivered wrapped in suitably matching decorative paper and ribbon. 

!Important: if for any reason one of the baubles included in this box is sold-out or unavailable it will be replaced with an alternative fitting to the general style, theme and quality of the box and chosen by our team at our discretion. 

Please note this box cannot be returned once opened and any packaging has been removed.