Kaweco Mikado Sterling Silver Diary Pencil


Kaweco has to be commended for its enthusiasm to revisit historical designs. Possibly this because Mr Gutberlet, the company's owner, has a vast collection of antique pens and an obsessive interest in their production and history - a dynamite combination.

This pencil, now long sold out, was produced in 2006 as a limited edition of 300 pieces  - a faithful replica of 19th century and early 20th century bridge or dance card pencils. 

Today, unless you are an avid card player or regularly attend debutante balls the use of this pencil might be otherwise better suited as a travel writing implement. Indeed it is short and small, measuring 85mm long ; perfect as a diary pencil for a small notebook loop or to carry in a handbag on the go. 

It features, faithful to pencil design pre-1960s, a 1.18mm lead and twist action mechanism (the lead advances as you turn the front section clockwise). This is a very comfortable size to write with whilst not needing sharpening. 

The pencil is sterling silver, featuring a beautiful guilloché pattern and produced in Pforzheim, located in the Black Forest in Germany, a town famous for this specialty jewellers technique, alongside enamel work, since the 19th century. In England the closest comparison to this type of pencil would be Yard-O-Led. 

Sterling Silver
1.18mm lead 
8.5 cm long
Made in Germany