Special Edition "111 Years Of Colour" Polychromos Coloured Pencils


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We celebrate with Faber-Castell their 111 years of colour (2019) with this beautiful limited edition reproduction of the classic Polychromos. A pencil now highly regarded for its vivid colour and high quality pigment, here reproduced with its historical packaging and stamp design.

The high standards of Faber-Castell's manufacturing process have stood the test of time; these pencils were first brought to market in 1908 as the innovation of Alexander Graf von Faber-Castell. Notable for their lightfast pigment, these colours will not fade when exposed to light - a difficulty faced during their conception, only achieved after much experimentation. 60 colours were originally produced in polished cedar with names such as scarlet lake and sap green. 

Unlike many coloured pencils, the Polychromos use an oil (rather than wax) binder. This allows them to be used and blended with solvents, enables the lightfast capabilities, and adds to the overall vibrancy of colour when used and layered. If the beauty of the packaging and the quality of the pigment are not enough to tempt, these pencils prove far sturdier than your average pencils, making this edition a true marrying of form and function.

Included: 24 colour pencils in special edition tin
Dimensions: box 21.5 x 19cm; pencil 17.5cm long (sharpened)

Also available as a set of 12.