Brass Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen (Extra Large Liliput)


One of Kaweco's most popular fountain pens is the Lilliput - a very compact pen measuring 10cm only when closed, extending to by threading the cap on the back extending its length to 12.5cm when open - just long enough for comfortable handling. 

For some customers, possibly those with larger hands, or those who prefer life on a larger scale, the Liliput is just too compact in size. 

In this spirit, while maintaining the simple, straightfoward bullet shaped design - Kaweco has this year launched the Supra. It's just like the Lilliput but has a larger barrel diameter, is 1cm longer (which makes quite a difference) and features a generous extra large nib (doesn't write thicker, but is physically larger). 

It is also supplied with an extender section which can be fitted to extend the pen a further 4cm in length. Not an absolute necessity in our eyes, but a nice gadget to play around with. 

The brass can be left to tarnish and oxydize for a beautiful aged patina. Alternatively it can be kept looking jewel like by simply giving it a polish once in a while. We recommend the metal polish Autosol Metal Polish for this purpose. 

Length (closed): 96mm
Length (open): 135mm
Diameter: 125mm
Materials: Drilled brass

Sold with one Royal blue washable ink cartridge and packaged in a presentation black tin box