Kaweco Ebonite Eyedropper 1910 Fountain Pen


This discreet special edition fountain pen made of hard rubber or 'ebonite', hence its dark brown colour was re-issued in homage to Kaweco's first writing tools and its long-standing history.

Originally called an 'eyedropper' this model would have been refilled by directly pouring the ink in the pen body with a pipette or 'eyedropper' - Today, thankfully, this pen was created with a modern cartridge system eluding the messyness and inconvenience of the traditional method.

The barrel however is faithfull to its original deco design and features a fine 'guilloché' engraved pattern along the barrel as well as its unique edition number. 

Sold in a hard case, with a soft leather travel case, a converter refillable cartridge and 6 boxes of coloured cartridges
Slip cap, 53mm
Fountain pen closed, 145mm
Takes standard small and large international cartridges
Ebonite and 14ct gold nib
Made in Germany, first designed 1910

Limited special edition of 800 pieces