Architect's set


Choosing Keeping, thanks to much feedback and experience with varying creative regular customers, has put its knowledge and stationery expertise in putting together sets which come with recommendations and trial for their intended use - for the brainless perfect present, ready to go - each set comes gift wrapped. 

Here, we have a set created especially for an architect or design savvy recipient - the right amount of OCD and minimalism combined - including only the best quality equipment manufactured in Japan and Germany.

This set includes:

a Bauhaus Yellow Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, designed 1980
a pack of black cartridges to go with
a 0.7mm drafting mechanical pencil, made of black aluminium, perfectly weighted for drawing and notes
a bullet brass pencil sharpener 
a silver aluminium scaler ruler, in inches and cm
- a beautiful black leather pencil case

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.

Each set comes gift wrapped.