Red/White Dual-tone Choosing Keeping 1.1mm Mechanical Pencil


Very practical twist-action propelling mechanism lead holder for any correction or casual note taking. For coloured lead, a chunky 1.1mm lead size is ideal the tips will not easily snap under pressure.

Takes 1.1mm graphite leads
Twist-action propelling mechanism

Is sold with 5 leads, 1 in the mechanism and 4 stored under the eraser button. 

Purchase of spare 1.1mm leads is recommended

Spare erasers can be purchased separately

To propel the lead turn the front section clockwise; to retract the lead turn the front section anti-clockwise (a gap between the body and front section will form), simply push the front section firmly back into the body by pressing the lead firmly but gently on a hard surface. 

An instruction sheet is included.