Black Hand Decorated Choosing Keeping Notebook


These entirely hand made notebooks have been bound in uniquely decorated papers made using natural pigments and rice paste. This type of decoration has a 400 year long history in Europe and is especially well known in Germany, Italy and France. 

We are pleased to be able to highlight the subtle beauty of these papers in a functional object to be admired every day. 

Fountain pen friendly, 80 sheets or 160 pages, entirely hand made
The notebook edges have been blackened and buffed with beeswax.
Extra smooth white ruled paper suitable for use with ink and fountain pens.

80 sheets, 160 pages
Fabric bookmark

Size guide:
Large - A5, 208 x 150 mm 
Medium - 172 x 124 mm
Pocket, small - 148 x 104 mm

Patterns are completely unique and colours may vary slightly from one notebook to another