Blue and Black Spanish Ripple Marbled Choosing Keeping Notebook


These traditional notebooks are handbound and made using original and unique hand-decorated paper. The pattern featured here, often called Spanish Moiré or Spanish Ripple, was first created in the 17th century based on early Turkish marble patterns. Inks are dropped and floated on the surface of a waterbath and then manipulated delicately with fine combs. Finally the basins are tilted to create the illusion of waves and ripples.

The notebook edges have been blackened and buffed with beeswax. 

Extra smooth white ruled paper suitable for use with ink and fountain pens.
80 sheets, 160 pages
Fabric bookmark

Size guide:
Large - A5, 208 x 150 mm 
Medium - 172 x 124 mm
Pocket, small - 148 x 104 mm

Please note each notebook is unique and can vary slightly in colour and pattern.