Palette and paintbrushes for watercolour


Some useful instruments to accessorise our range paints, pastels and watercolour paper. 

Sold separately we have on offer, two natural bristle 'made in France' travel watercolour paintbrushes, which cleverly and neatly fold up onto themselves for cleanliness, minimal size and safekeeping.

The larger silver one is known as "petit gris" which translates as Blue Squirrel bristles and suitable for ink work, gouaches and watercolour. It is very soft, souple and flexible. The smaller brass cased paintbrush is known as "Marte" (from marten) and is an even higher performance bristle, extremely soft and flexible, allowing for different sized strokes and retaining a very good point for detail work. 

These paintbrushes are made by a special French company manufacturing brushes since the 30s and listed by the French government as a company of national cultural significance. 


Silver "petit gris" paintbrush:  closed, 10.5cm - open, 13cm
Brass "marte" paintbrush: closed, 4cm - open, 7cm
Ceramic palette: ⌀13.5cm