Fountain Pen Friendly Taster Pad


This pad has been designed for fountain pen lovers who are as picky about their paper as they are about their writing tools. 

Experience 18 different types of the most sought after unique papers for fountain pen: Each one has been researched in depth for its particular merits specific to fountain pen use and ink. Each paper type is introduced individually explaining the history and background details behind the paper. 

Paper Line up:

No.1 View-Corona for Pocket-book / No.2 Tomoe River / No.3 Tomoe River Cream / No.4 New Chiffon Cream / No.5 Cosmo Air Light / No.6 35NFC / No.7 Glassine / No.8 5Leaf / No.9 Washi Kin Kaku Den / No.10 Bank Paper / No.11 Spica Bond / No.12 Champion Copy / No.13 Typewriter Paper / No.14 Air Mail Bond / No.15 Air Mail Bond Natural / No.16 Eastory COC / No.17 OK Fools / No.18 Colored woodfree paper Black

Each sheet can be neatly taken out of the pad

29 x 21cm
This pad contains 18 types of writing paper, 5 sheets each for a total of 90 sheets of specialty paper.