Essential Terrages Wet and Dry Pastels


Why use anything else but the best - Choosing Keeping is pleased to offer these very special pastels made using conservation-abiding 15th century old Italian methods, and containing fine premium pigments for a rich but smooth effect. The organic, pebble shape and size of these pastels should allow for more vigorous and dynamic strokes, as they are less likely to crumble in hand.

If you have been using commercial, mass manufactured pastels before - which contain chalks and other cheap, dusty fillers - this medium is incomparable. They are carefully handmade, in small batches, with the aim of giving each colour the greatest clarity and brightness, allowing the artist to explore the pigment's full character. Some pumice is added to the pigment, in order to break open the surface of the paper - giving even more depth and facilitating layering. In addition, these pastels can be used wet, for a watercolour effect. 

The 12 colour set presented here is a collection of primary colours; the essentials for any style. 

Ingredients: Pumice, tragacanth gum and natural pigment
Pastel Dimensions: 38 x 25 x 20mm 

12 Pastel Set with the following colours: Phthalo Blue 002, Ultramarine Blue 017, Ultramarine Violet 024, Napthol Pink 029, Cadmium Red Light 053, Cadmium Orange 063, Cadmium Yellow Med 066, Bone Black 119, Grey 128, Green Oxide 155, Permanent Green 164, Quinacridone Violet 181