Platinum Carbon Drawing and Drafting Fountain Pen


The advantage of this pen over the others is that its steel nib will not deform and blunt as fiber pens inevitably do. Moreover it takes Carbon ink; a pigment based ink (as opposed to usual dye based) which ensure a great depth of colour and is permanent, archival, lightfast and waterproof.

The pen can also be fitted with a converter, refillable cartridge and refilled from any good fountain pen ink or Carbon pen ink.

To prevent the pen from drying up we recommend replacing the cap after use and giving the pen regular washing out - using cold water and no detergents.

Takes Carbon ink cartridges (available here) or a Converter cartridge (Also available at Choosing Keeping) and Carbon Ink
Dimensions: 18 cm long, 11 mm diameter
Nib: Medium 

Is sold with one Carbon ink cartridge