Geometry Set Square and Protractor Ruler, Metric


Set rulers, which feel to us like they have been around for centuries, were in fact only produced as recently as 1964, when mathematical equipment manufacturer Dennert & Pape created the Geodreieck (aka in English: Geometry Triangle). While we are very grateful to Germany for its many contributions to the stationery field, we wish they would have spared us with this instrument of torture and the many sleepless nights sweating over Pythagoras' theorem it inflicted.

For those who enjoy precision and a straight angle, here presented a combined 45° 45° 90° set square and protractor made from high grade stainless steel for perfect sharpness and durability. 

Small circles have been cut through in order to see any drawings placed under it.

Size: 8 x 16 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Units: Metric