Sailor Burgundy Fountain Pen


Three companies dominate Japanese fountain pen making, all established in the 1910's and 1920’s, and all motivated by their common desire to develop a superior Japanese counterpart to their Western competitors such as Waterman and Parker. Ironically, the latter companies have lost their once top dog positions in the 'fountain pen world', while Sailor, Pilot and Platinum today represent the Holy Trinity of excellence in writing utensils. The main and defining reason for this accolade is the fact that all three companies supervise their production from beginning to end within their very own factories. No subcontracting ensures total quality control, and private ownership protects their original vision and enthusiasm for pen making. 

Presented here
is a great little number by Sailor, possibly the least known - but no less deserving - of the three brands named above. Sailor was founded in 1911 and named for the naval town of Kure, Hiroshima, where the company was born. The pen references the infamous 1920s pen by Parker - Duofold in Manadarin Yellow - a colour George Parker chose, supposedly inspired by a Japanese cloisonné vase he purchased on his travels East. A good story highlighting the orientalist fashions typical of the 1920s; how interesting that the colour should now be re-appropriated by Sailor in a full circle demonstration of cross-referencing in design!

Aside from the fantastically bold and vibrant colour, its tapered black trims and slender size give this pen an elegant silhouette.

More specifically about the pen and its writing capabilities: this model can be described as easy-going; a generous medium nib makes it particularly suited to first time users. Absolute smoothness and a very rounded feel; experience no angles or strain whilst writing.

Body material: PMMA Resin
Nib size: Fine or Medium (choose from dropdown menu)
Nib material: 14k gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: 
Takes Sailor cartridges which can be found here, supplied with a converter cartridge.
open 11.7cm, closed 13.5cm, posted 14.9cm.
presentation box, converter cartridge

Made in Japan