Graf Von Faber‑Castell Sharpener


There's something distasteful about trying to make something fancy out of an object inherently humble and functional. However, possibly because Faber-Castell, est.1761 shares with Staetdler the title of world's oldest pencil maker they cannot put a foot wrong. Throughout their company history different owners have sought to make their mark looking for refinement and luxury. Lothar Von Faber followed Parisian fashions and created the Polygrade pencils; 8 generations later, the late Anton Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell, created his own idea of luxury and started the eponymous brand, Graf Von Faber-Castell. 

Particularly suited to office and professional situations where elegance is a must, down to the very last sharpener...

Material: Platinum plated metal
Pencil Diameter: Up to 11mm

Platinum-plated blade is replaceable