Musgrave Pencil Co TOT 500 Jumbo Pencil


This charming jumbo pencil has come straight from Shelbyville, The Pencil City, Tennessee - known by this pseudonym thanks to its century long manufacture and export of cedar wood pencils. Founded in 1916 at the peak of the American pencil industry and now operating in an increasingly digital world, Musgrave Pencil Co continues to fight the corner of the analogue, of the beloved pencil.

The TOT 500 pencil is one of the most iconic produced by Musgrave, the design remaining unchanged since it was first manufactured decades ago. Originally designed for children, this oversized pencil is ideal for small hands learning to write as well as for the lover of classic pencil design.

10mm diameter
medium-soft graphite core
Made in the USA

Sold individually; price listed is for a single pencil.