Lothar Von Faber Polygrades box of 12 Pencils, special edition


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A beautiful anniversary box to celebrate the particularly notable fourth generation heir to the Faber pencil making company: Lothar von Faber, who in 1839 took over the business at the young age of 22 years. 

Like his brothers (both younger siblings, Eberhard in the USA, and Johann, went on to set up their own competing companies) Lothar was a natural-born leader, business man and entrepreneur. He took advantage of the advances of his time; fast industrialisation, better and plentiful raw materials (discovered in America (wood) and Sibera (graphite)) and technological leaps and making A. W. Faber into a truly 'global brand' (excuse the anachronistic language). Outside of pencils, Lothar can also be credited as being a socially engaged man, particularly grateful, if somewhat paternalistic, to his workforce. While poverty was indeed the common lot for most newly employed factory workers in industry - Faber built his workers houses and schools, provided health insurance (the oldest scheme in Bavaria still existing today) and paid fair wages. 

As far as pencils go, Lothar understood the value of quality of product, brand recognition and packaging as can be appreciated in this pencil set, a faithful replica of Lothar's star and prize-winning fine pencils 'Polygrades' launched in 1837 -  which he styled according to the latest fashions from Paris. Offering a mixed grade pencils was also an uncommon idea at the time, demonstrating once again, Lothar's innovative spirit. 

We love when brands pay hommage to their past and indulge our collecting (and nostalgic) nature - thank you Faber-Castell for creating this exciting pencil set so we can take the opportunity to revisit your company history and all the different lives and personalities that shaped it. 

Pictured here Lothar von Faber and his family ; original pencils and packaging from mid 19th c, courtesy of the Faber-Castell archive)

Limited edition - contains 12 artist quality graded from 5B to 5H - in a card box modelled after the 1837 original packaging.