COVID-19 guidelines at Choosing Keeping 

The whole team at Choosing Keeping is excited to welcome you back to our shop premises Monday 15 June 2020.

Due to the special circumstances of COVID-19 we are changing our weekday opening hours to 10:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Saturday; Sunday opening hours remain 11am to 5pm. We kindly ask that, ahead of your visit, you make note of the following policies devised to reduce risk of transmission and provide a safe environment for both staff and customers. 

We have complied with the government guidelines on managing the risk of COVID-19 and have carried out a risk assessment which has been shared with, and will be complied by, all members of staff. A cleaning, hand washing and hygiene policy has also been established in line with government guidance. 

Please note that the below policies are at our discretion and are subject to change without further notice - any changes will be immediately updated on this page.  

Prepare ahead of time

- We encourage you to prepare your visit by browsing our website ahead of time, where you can easily view our full product range at your leisure.

- If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at or by calling us at 020 7613 3842 before arriving to the shop and we can assist you and get any products ready ahead of time.

- Have you considered placing an order online to pick up in store? You can do this by using the discount code ''CHOOSINGKEEPING-PICKUP'' upon checkout. If you decide to chose this option we will e-mail you once your order is prepared for you to come and collect it at the shop.

Social Distancing

- A maximum of three customers will be allowed in the shop at a time and will be expected to keep a 2 meter distance from other customers and staff members alike as much as possible. 

- We encourage customers to shop individually and not in groups; you will be asked to wait outside if the shop is at capacity. At busy times and out of consideration for those waiting, we may, at our discretion, limit browsing time. 

- We will have only one till open for the foreseeable future and we ask that you follow any floor indications to ensure that a 2m distance is kept when processing sales between sales assistant and customer. 

- Please note that visitors with children will be expected to observe the above social distancing regulations and we kindly ask that you be responsible for your children's movements in the shop. 

Hygiene and Sanitation

- You will be asked to sanitise your hands on the door (mandatory) and there will be further pump hand sanitisers at the tills.

- We ask your consideration in handling as few items as possible; trays will be provided on entry and any items you handle but do not purchase should be returned to staff for quarantining before being returned to the shop floor.

- Pen testing will still be possible and encouraged; all tester pens will be cleaned after each single use.

- We will no longer be accepting cash payments until further notice; we encourage contactless payments where possible.

- Whist not mandatory we encourage customers to wear face coverings where possible.