Sailor Urushi King of Pens Fountain pen, Kuchiha-iro Yellow


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Something of a pen urban myth, The King of Pens or KOP as it's called by pen people, is more than just an expensive pen; it is the ultimate writing experience and while top-end pens are usually garish and overloaded with detail - urushi is very much the understated and quiet luxury one can expect from Japanese minimalism.

Urushi lacquer first used in Japan around 300BC has traditionally been as a symbol for status and prosperity used in furniture and decorative objects by court nobles and the upper-classes to demonstrate their discerning taste. Japanese pen makers sought to apply this domestic specialty finish to fountain pens since the 1920s and it has remained a marker for quality ever since. Beyond its aesthetic merit, urushi lacquer acts as a protective casing because it is acid free, alkaline free and resistant to both heat and water. The process to layer the Urushi lacquer, is time consuming and each pen crafted by named urushi artists can take up to 1 year to produce.

The colour of this KOP, could be described as mustard yellow, but more romantically   named Kuchiha-iro or 'colour of falling leaves' in Japanese. It is a sophisticated non-gendered complex colour. The pen measuring 15cm closed and its nib are both over-sized also for maximum visual enhancement. 

While Sailor already produces top of the range fountain pens as a baseline - KOP does represent another level of writing performance. The nib, in 21k gold, almost paintbrush like, possesses much natural, organic flexibility and softness under hand.  It offers a generous amount of line variation - an almost 'fude'-like brush effect feel making it an excellent pairing for use with coloured inks where 'shading effect' is desired. Exceptional writing quality with amazing smoothness, no pressure needed for a very generous and reliable ink flow.

Body Material: Urushi lacquer resin over hard ebonite (a hard rubber)
Nib: 21K Gold, in Medium size nib
Cap type: Threaded screw on cap
Cartridge type: Takes Sailor cartridges which can be found here, supplied with a converter cartridge. 
Dimensions: 15cm closed, 13cm without the cap, 16.5cm capped (please use capped with care as may leave a ring mark where regular contact is made)
Made in Japan

Sold in an attractive presentation wooden box, including a converter refillable cartridge and a bottle of ink, here pictured