Hammered Silver Platinum "Migaki" Fountain Pen


Three companies dominate Japanese fountain pen making, all established in the 1910's and 1920’s, and all motivated by their common desire to develop a superior Japanese counterpart to their Western competitors such as Waterman and Parker. Ironically, the latter companies have lost their once top dog positions in the 'fountain pen world', while Sailor, Pilot and Platinum today represent the Holy Trinity of excellence in writing utensils. The main and defining reason for this accolade is the fact that all three companies supervise their production from beginning to end within their very own factories. No subcontracting ensures total quality control, and private ownership protects their original vision and enthusiasm for pen making. 

Here presented, a very special and somewhat left-field inclusion into our selection, Platinum's Migaki fountain pen, a celebration of Japanese silversmithing. More specifically the technique here used is known as Tankin where the metal surface is hammered down thinly by hand over an anvilrevealing the material's natural light and shimmer. Indeed the dappled texture, like the surface of still pond hit by rain, creates a multitude of dapples each catching a different refraction of light. This craft has been utilised in Japan for centuries in the making of many types of objects: buddhist ceremonial utensils and statues, weapons and swords, tea ceremony  accessories, even chef knives today - all noble items of cultural significance treasured by their makers and owners.

This pen bears the signature of Junichi Imwamura, a craftsman renowned for this technique and commissioned by Platinum for this luxurious implement. Beyond its aesthetic value, consider how the use of silver can bring a new sensory layer to your writing experience - soft and warm, it offers the sensuality of natural materials like wood and leather and is alive with use and age (and does not give any metallic odor to one's hands as brass and copper can do)

Platinum has generously equipped this pen with a Platinum nib for absolute smoothness. Knowing Platinum's love for hard and fine nibs we are offering this pen with a broad nib to counterbalance Platinum's love for razor fine writing making it more palatable to a Western audience. 


Body material: Sterling silver with tankin technique
Nib size: Broad
Nib material: Platinum 
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Cartridge type: Takes Platinum cartridges which can be found here; supplied with a converter cartridge.
Dimensions: closed 13.7cm, diameter 1.5cm
Weight: 42.7g
Included: luxury wooden presentation box with a cartridge, refillable converter cartridge, bottle of fountain pen ink, and silver polishing cloth.