1964 Capless "Vanishing Point" Fountain Pen, Chrome Mustard Yellow


"The Capless Fountain Pen -- Pilot's gift to Modern Living", the ad from 1964, still holds true. Many companies have tried, but only one pen has ever been made successfully with a retractable nib on the push of a click button. 

Not surprisingly, the Capless, or Vanishing Point in the US, has one of the most complex click-system mechanisms, the knock-shiki (see illustrated Japanese patent from 1964) which encloses the nib on retraction as to avoid leaks and drying. 

Classic design, fundamentally unchanged since the 60s, amazing gadgetry and also stand out nib performance make this pen, possibly the best writing utensil we have come across and we can't recommend it strongly enough.  

The nib, made in-house by Pilot, though steel, still very smooth, on par and comparable to gold nabbed pen performance. 

Takes Pilot cartridges or can be used with a converter cartridge and used with bottled fountain pen ink.
Please contact us at orders@choosingkeeping.com to purchase cartridges or converter.
Sold in a presentation box
Steel nib, available in Medium or Fine
Length, 14cm retracted, 12mm diameter body