3 Extra Large Gem Paper Clips


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This oversized and crimped variation on the classic  gem paper clip, manufactured in Japan measures 97mm. Its well balanced proportions and double inner loop are testament to the lust for engineering and invention brought about by the industrial revolution, when gem paper clips were first made. 

Believed to have been invented by Norwegian Johann Valer in 1899, paperclips were worn by his countrymen in their lapels as a symbol of solidarity - "bound together" - and resistance to the German occupiers during WW2. Valer's paperclip was in fact quite different in form from the gem model known and used today and its origin is more likely the result of simultaneous development from several companies and inventors during the second half of the 19th century. Not surprisingly this is also the time when cheap and large scale production of steel wire became possible along with the machinery able to bend it speedily. Gone were the rusty straight pins and ribbons from the office supply cupboards, old methods of binding paper together. 

Size: 9.7 cm
Material: Crimped stainless steel
Quantity: 3 clips

Made in Japan