6 No. III Graf Von Faber-Castell pencils with silver-plated end caps


There's something distasteful about trying to make something fancy out of an object inherently humble and functional. However, possibly because Faber-Castell, est.1761 shares with Staetdler the title of world's oldest pencil maker they cannot put a foot wrong. Throughout their company history different owners have sought to make their mark looking for refinement and luxury. Lothar Von Faber followed Parisian fashions and created the Polygrade pencils; 8 generations later, the late Anton Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell, created his own idea of luxury and started the eponymous brand, Graf Von Faber-Castell. 

Based around the Perfect Pencil design, these pencils carry the same delicately shaped and carved guilloche pattern. Even more refined are the sterling silver ferrules on each end. Made from fine grain Californian cedar, they are guaranteed to release the singular scent of freshly cut pencil wood and will sharpen beautifully.

Particularly suited to office and professional situations where elegance is a must, down to the pencil...

Sold as a pack of 6