Kin's Liquid Ink, Permanent China Drawing Ink, 80ml


Easily one of the oldest stationery products we stock, China ink (also known as India ink) is thought to have been produced as early as 3000 BC, and was used to print on precious stones, bamboo and wood. Today it is the reference ink for printmakers, calligraphers, artists and illustrators - lightfast and permanent, with great brilliance and sheen. Blacker than black, this ink is made from fine carbon particles and so is a pigment based ink, its colour deriving from a physical element (originally pine soot), rather than a chemical dye. 

The result is a very high-performing technical product. Once dry, it can be painted over without bleeding, making it popular with watercolorists and comic artists. It can be diluted into various shades of grey and used with layering techniques. Chinese documents from the Han dynasty (200 AD) can attest to its top quality lightfastness as they are today still in a perfectly legible condition. 

We have looked for this particular brand high and low - made in Shanghai by a traditional inkmaker, it possesses the essential retro appeal we look for in our selection. We cannot date it exactly, but we have a feeling this packaging has been around for some time - maybe circa 1960s.

Ingredients: Carbon black pigment ink
Quantity: 80ml
Permanent: Yes
Fountain pen friendly: No