Aluminium 1.1mm Mechanical Pencil


1.18mm is an unusual and undervalued lead size. Actually beginning of the 20 century most pencils came in this now almost defunct lead size. It is however very well suited to everyday jotting and loose drawing - roughly equivalent in feeling of a well sharpened wood pencil - it feels solid, unlikely to snap under the finger, while still giving enough precision. Unlike unlike larger lead sizes, it is self sharpening and does not require a lead pointer.

We chose this pencil in particular for the simplicity of its hexagonal design as well as the quality of its detailing and finish in matte anodised aluminium. It is also a nice balanced size and feels appropriately weighted in hand. 

The lead propels when the front of the pencil is twisted, a clever and pleasing mechanism. The pen comes complete with an eraser under the button.

A good, highly functional self-contained, pencil to take everywhere, a good companion for any designer as well as for daily office use...

Takes 1.18mm leads, available at Choosing Keeping 
Length: 130mm
Diameter: 9mm
Mechanism: Push button retract

ackaged in a minimalist presentation black box