Artist's Drawing Set


Choosing Keeping, thanks to much feedback and experience with varying creative regular customers, has put its knowledge and stationery expertise in putting together sets which come with recommendations and trial for their intended use - for the brainless perfect present, ready to go - each set comes gift wrapped. 

Here, we have a set created especially for artists which includes luxurious materials to excite the senses and emphasize techniques in texture and shading. This set is comprised of items from only the best suppliers in terms of quality suitable for finished work from Japan, Britain and Germany.

This set includes:
- a 3.2mm clutch pencil (a short and fat body for comfortable grip)
- a 3.2mm lead pointer or sharpener to sharpen the above
- an Japanese artist's quality eraser (the one photographed has been discontinued and thus will be replaced by a suitable alternative (just as good :-))
- a 15 x 15cm, museum quality, 100% chemical free, 100% cotton cream paper pad (suitable to use with watercolour too)

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.

Each set comes gift wrapped, unless otherwise advised.