Black Choosing Keeping 1.1mm Mechanical Pencil


Due to popular demand these pencils are on back order. Any order containing this item will be shipped early December.

A very practical, twist-action propelling mechanism lead holder for any correction or casual notetaking. For coloured lead, a chunky 1.1mm lead size is ideal as the tips will not easily snap under pressure.

The pencil is sold with 5 leads; 1 in the mechanism and 4 more stored under the eraser button. Spare leads are available to purchase in graphite, bluered, and green
Here pictured is an infographic on how to refill the pencil. 

Body material: Plastic
Mechanism: Twist-propel mechanism 
Lead grade: HB 
Refill type: Takes 1.1mm leads
Dimensions: 16cm long, 1.1cm diameter
Included: 5 spare leads

Spare erasers can be purchased separately; please email