Book and Calendar: All Good Things by Stephen Ellcock


Books are not a Choosing Keeping speciality, but patterns, imagery and colour are  and Stephen Ellcock's new release feeds into all these areas of interest. Self-described "a treasury of images" Ellcock's book is an explorative collection of images from around the world and across eras. Subjects such as the occult, the natural world, philosophy receive particular attention. 

To complete this volume also here presented is a matching advent calendar featuring 24 pictures taken from All Good Things, beautifully printed with gold foiling and details within. 

To add to this set, consider our dreams journal for a Jungian celestial Christmas. 

For daily wonderous image delivery consider looking at Stephen's Instagram account

Book and calendar are sold separately - please choose which you would like from the drop down menu.

Calendar dimensions:
30 x 30cm, images printed on a glass like paper which allows for light to illuminate each image.  
24 images