Brass Tetzbo Ballpoint Pen - Hand Sharpened Finish


New to Choosing Keeping, Tetzbo is a range of brass pens made by the hand of Japanese ironsmith extraordinaire Yoshikazu Takai.

Mr Takai produces all in manner of metal, furniture, house fittings such as door handles and gates, but whatever he puts his hand to it is always with great thought, originality and artistry.

These pens are no different, not only are they extremely enjoyable to use and functional, they are also very easy on the eye, an auspicious by-product of good design. Unsurprisingly, Japanese buddhist aesthetic wabi sabi principle here apply: an appreciation for economy, modesty, austerity, intimacy, irregularity and integrity - the idea of finding beauty in the quiet moments, in the flaws, in the expressions of impermanence such as patina and wear. Indeed the finish here will change, evolve with time and use, making each writing implement a physical record unique and essentially personal to its owner.

The model here pictured gives the affect of having been sharpened like a pencil, using a scalpel blade. The colour of each pen is given by oxidisation which isn't permanent but promises to patina with use. Please state your preference in the shade of darkness in the order notes (see at checkout) or by emailing us your preference at

Two lengths are available, 10cm long and 11cm long. Please select your preferred length in the dropdown menu. 

Takes Mitsubishi Jet Stream SXR-80-07 refills
Sold in a restrained kraft card presentation box
Length, 10cm (short model) or 11cm (long model)