Camel Choosing Keeping Large Folding Wallet

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This wallet was hand cut and stitched by Mr Akiyama exclusively for Choosing Keeping. Leather craft has been in his family for three generations - since his grandfather presented his pieces at the world fair in 1901 for which he was awarded a prize.

We chose this item - not only because we were impressed by Mr Akiyama himself, a joyful person, but also for the minimalism of his style and restraint of his designs. Each wallet, its stitching and finishes - expresses the human hands that made it. 

This wallet can store both standard size credit cards and bills. It will stretch out over time if filled up to capacity. 

Here pictured is Mr Akiyama's own wallet which has been used for over 10 years. Overtime this wallet too will age beautiful and gain a unique patina.