The Basics Set, ages 2-7


Confinement has had the positive result of getting our company to think more seriously about children as full users and beneficiaries of our stationery. This is something which is here to stay (our attention to Junior stationery, not confinement hopefully!)

Whilst there are a multitude of offers for school supplies out there - often cheap and disposable - we feel that children, like adults, are encouraged to perform when they are well-equipped. First-rate art supplies and writing equipment make a world of difference to motivating focussed creative work and academics. This is also an exercise in learning how to take care of one's personal possessions and conserve them to use for many years. 

This set has been put together for children age 2 to 7. This bracket is by no means prescriptive and only arises from personal experience as a parent of toddlers. It includes a cheerful landscape hardback sketching book, which is sized and oriented especially for ease of use. It can take glue, light paint, and mixed media. An American classic chunky transport-themed pencil will come in handy for any drawing and writing, as will a jumbo sized wheel eraser and a double indestructible brass pencil sharpener which can sharpen both standard and chunky pencils. 

Please note all of the above are not toys and must be used with the supervision of an adult at all times. 

This set includes:
- a hardback Choosing Keeping Landscape notebook (stationery themed cover and internal label for owner's name)
- a large round Koh-i-noor eraser
- a German quality brass double pencil sharpener
- 1 Musgrave Pencil Co Choo-Choo jumbo pencil

Each element can be bought separately as well by clicking through the links.
Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.