Clear Arabic Yamato PVA Glue - 60g


Named "Arabic Yamato" this glue, first made in 1975 was packaged and branded to emulate Acacia tree resin's natural adhesive properties - known also as "Gum Arabic".

In fact this glue is nothing other than PVA glue - a great, strong, water-soluble adhesive suited for paper, card, fabric or any porous surface.

Still fashioned in its strange bright orange packaging, this product and its iconic smell is very much part of the "Japanese stationery canon" and is included in most schools children's back-to-school assortments as it was for Choosing Keeping in the 1980s. 

We are proud to have been the first retailer to offer it to European customer since its inception 40 years ago!

Composition: Polyvinyl Alcohol or PVAL (a water-soluble synthetic polymer)
Soft sponge nozzle for easy application
Cap should be replaced after use. 

Though this glue is perfectly child-safe it should not be ingested - use by children should be supervised by an adult.