Dermatograph / Chinagraph Coloured Oil-based Pencil set


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Wax pencils, Grease pencils, China markers, Chinagraphs (as known in the UK) or Dermatographs (as known in Japan) these some of the names for the type of pencils presented here. They are a vestige of the past - waxy pencils suitable for writing on hard non porous (aka not paper) surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramics, stone, vinyl, plastics, photographic film... to name a few. 

You will not be needing any sharpener to use with these as they can be sharpened by simply pulling the string, unrolling the paper which encases the lead. Nifty. Marks can be washed away with a cloth, or soap and water, but are water resistant otherwise.

This hard-to-find set was first made and sold in Japan in 1955 and should bring back some nostalgic memories to Japanese nationals. Apparently in Japan, the name Dermatograph, from Dermat meaning skin, came from its use to mark up patients skin for surgery... interesting if a bit unpleasant to think about...