Abraxas Writing and Drawing Ink, Golds


"There comes a steam and bubble out of big stony sauce-pans in the ink-citchen of Abraxas. In the workshop diffuses a fragrance of roses. The inkmaker produces his famous red love ink that flows fine out of the pen and fragrants magnificent. Like in fary-tales of 500 and more years of age you think? But no; a daily reality in the manufacture of Abraxas."

We hope this self-penned colourful and quaint description alongside this dreamlike picture, where you can find the ink makers pots and vials, will convey the same feeling of magic and treasure imparted when using this special elixir of colour. 

Made in Basel, Switzerland, from the ingredients through to the recipe and carefully and masterfully finished packaging using cork, painted labels, strings and wax seals, this ink could not be further from mass manufactured.

The resulting ink is complex and subtle in colour, unusual tones not necessarily found among other makers. 

Please take care when using inks, none of the golds or metallics are suitable for fountain pen. They are exclusively for drawing or writing with dip pens and brushes. 

Each bottle measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 7.5cm and contains 30ml of ink.

Shades available: Blue tones, earth tones, red tones, purple tones, metallics, golds.