Fountain Pen Scented Ink Bottle, 40ml


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Kodo - or the Way of Fragrance is one of three Japanese arts of refinement (alongside tea ceremony and flower arrangement). During the middle ages, Japanese court nobles, who's main life's purpose was the obtainment of beauty, taste, and sophistication begun concocting their own personal fragrances. Different blends of perfume were used for different seasons, occasions and emotions. Love poems and letters were coded in meaning and signed by the use of an aristocrat's own original scent - also known as Takimono

In the spirit of such frivolity, please find here a selection of 7 scented inks, usable in modern day fountain pens to translate your own intimacy and sensual communication in whatever love letter or other delicious correspondence.

Quantity: 40ml
Permanent: No
Fountain pen friendly: Yes

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