French Wax Seal, Knight of Templar


Channel your inner Grand Master and sign off your letters in 12th century style with a wax seal as a Knight of the Templar. We are offering some historical archetypal symbols to represent you; here, characterically medieval, representing two knights riding the same horse, possibly to depict humility and in Latin "SIGILLUM MILITUM XPIST", or "the Soldiers of Christ".... no joking around in 1168. 

These handmade seals are made in France and not only are they attractive as objects, but they also create beautifully deep-set embossed images. We recommend using hard, Shellac-based wax for a more authentic, historical and crisp, sharp finish which can be purchased in a range of subtle tones here.

There are many Youtube videos illustrating how to use sealing wax. This should always done with care (and by adults only) as the wax can get very hot and should not be handled directly.