Handmade Christmas Illumination Model Alpine Houses, Small


With no apology, please enjoy this as pure Christmas indulgence and a nostalgic memory of early 20th century Europe with these handmade model Alpine houses. 

Made for over 100 years (especially prolifically before WWI) these houses are assembled entirely by hand in card - punched out, cut, glued and painted to fashion a miniature pastoral village to inspire a wholesome and warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Known as "illumination houses" these beautiful models are lit from within (they are fitted with a small lightbulb) and can make the most beautiful and enchanting Christmas display for your window - and this hopefully with more elegance and poise over the customary LED decorations... 

Each house is beautifully assembled and complete with many charming and humorous details including inside windows and doors. 

Consider each house with others as a group, but individually also, they would make an amazing showpiece.

Important Each house is sold individually, please choosing from the below dropdown to choose your desired design. They are listed from left to right as follows:

Little White House with half timbering - £140
Little Beige House with Dormer Window - £130
Little Pitched roof house with mother and buggy - £130
Little Pitched roof house with dormer window - £130
Brown House with dormer window - £140
Little Green cottage - £140

All measure approximately : 12 x 18.5 x 16.5 cm

Made in the EU by hand (fitted with an EU plug, you will need a plug converter accordingly)