Hi Technology Stealth set


The perfect selection of stationery for the anyone who fancies themselves as being extra stealth, extra slick and efficient in all the possible ways including in the field of note taking. The set includes a high performance notebook with thin but amazingly smooth and quick paper as well as classic bestselling pens from Japan. Some old - one mitsubishi ballpoint first manufactured in the 60s - and three newly released writing implements (new, relative to 1960): a metal barrelled side click ballpoint which is particularly satisfying to click open and close ; one very smooth frixion pen which can be magically erased because of its temperature sensitive ink ; and one Hi-tec in 0.5mm, the mother of all precision "Rotring" type fine liner pens, used by artists, designers and architects time and time again. These are all black of course - very stylish, very manly...

This set includes:
- a bible paper notebook with semi-transparent grided paper, great compatibility with all ink pens, including fountain. 
- a 0.5mm Hi-Tec C waterbased fine liner pen
- a 0.38mm Frixion black ink pen
- a metal barrelled side-click waterbased rollerball (refillable with "parker-style" cartridges easily available worldwide)
- a Mitsubishi fine black click ballpoint pen, made since 1965. 

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.

Each set comes gift wrapped, unless otherwise advised.