Historical Eberhard Faber Speed Pink Eraser


Pink erasers - some love them, for their distinctive smell, back when they were still cured, vulcanized and made of natural rubber. Others loathe them for the abrasive pink marks they may leave on paper. Either way they are pure Americana and we are committed to uncover this eraser's cross-brand genealogy. So far, we have Eberhard Faber down as the main patriarch with the iconic Pink Pearl, with Dixon and Eagle as wives and children - Much of the British and European extended family still remains in the dark. 

On offer here is a rare and much less known cousin, manufactured by the original Pink Pearl creator - the now defunct Eberhard Faber. Our guess is that this eraser dates from the 1940s. 

In new and relatively usuable condition considering it's 60+ years of age.

Made in USA by Eberhard faber