Illustrator's Drawing Set


Choosing Keeping, thanks to much feedback and experience with our creative regular customers, has put its knowledge and stationery expertise in putting together this set, which come with high recommendations and trial for their intended use - for the brainless, perfect present, ready to go. Each set comes gift-wrapped.

Here, we have a professional calibre set created especially for illustrators, using only the best quality equipment manufactured in Japan, Italy and Germany.

This set includes:

- a small Radar eraser (very soft and performant)
- Palomino Blackwing pencil (very dark and buttery)
- a brass bullet sharpener designed and manufactured since circa 1890
- a pad of acid free high quality cotton Italian paper (smaller size - 17 x 24 cm)
- a drafting permanent fountain pen for precision drawing
- a pack of spare cartridges for the fountain pen

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.

Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.

In the circumstance that one of the items is out of stock we will replace this with another suitable item.