Indigo Fabric Pen Case


All around the world indigo dyeing is one of the oldest methods of colouring fabrics. 

In Japan this tradition - called Ai-zome - dates back to the 10th century when it was worn by rural empoverished lower classes. Cottons and hemp were precious comodities and the practice of recycling cottons - patching and sewing together smaller pieces (or rags) into field garments, called boro was common.

Today "denim dealers" pay good money for such pieces - though one must admit they are indeed on to something - Boro fabrics are just like modern art. 

Here presented - this pencil case - is made of a perfectly fresh and new piece of Japanese indigo cotton from the Tokushima region, the inside of which has been plastified thinly to protect from leaky pens and the such. 

Will hold a good number of pens and pencils
70 × 20 mm